Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Okay, it's not Sunday, but we called the missionary transportation department this afternoon and got our flight schedule. Here's what happening during the next few weeks:

July 30 - Study! Study! Study! Including the Malay language, scriptures, and Preach My Gospel
August 24: Speak in Sacrament Meeting, 1:00 PM, 625 E Center Street,  Ivins, UT
August 30: Arrive at Provo MTC
September 1: Begin training at Provo MTC
September 11: Depart MTC
September 11: Depart SLC, 6:50 PM,  American Airlines, AA2592
September 11: Arrive LAX, 7:45 PM
September 12: Depart LAX, 1:00 AM, Cathay Pacific, CX881
September 13: Arrive Hong Kong, 6:45 AM
September 13: Depart Hong Kong, 8:05 AM
September 13: Arrive Singapore, 11:45 AM

If there is more to report between now and Sunday, I'll wait until Sunday.

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