Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Visa Requirements and Language Training

I wasn't going to add anything until Sunday, but it's been a busy morning. 

It's been two weeks since we've received our call. (Has it only been two weeks?) We were told that if we hadn't received information pertaining to our visas that we should call the Church Travel Office and let them know. I did that yesterday. They were kind enough to send the information immediately via email. This is the check list of items needed to initiate the visa process.

o Color Photocopy of Passport ID Page
o Singapore Personal Information Worksheet
o Photocopy of Mission Call Letter
o Photocopy of High School Diploma
o 3 Church Certificates (birth, baptism, Priesthood ordination, etc.)

So Sherrie and I were scrambling to find everything on the list. We're missing a few items so I called again this morning to ask if a particular document was acceptable. Come to find out, this list is for single Elders and Sisters. Senior couples need only send a color photocopy of their passport. That is now checked off. (That's a relief! I hope what I was told today is accurate!)

I had just hung up from talking with the Church Travel Office when I received a call from Language Department from the Provo MTC. We've been offered online Malay language training! We've received information from the MTC language department in our email this morning on setting that up. We'll be provided with an online tutor. The language department sets this up for senior couples going to foreign missions. I thought it was pretty cool. I will try to keep you up to date on how we're doing with this great opportunity.


  1. This is SO cool! Technology is AMAZING! So no more Mandarin lessons, huh?

  2. Once again technology shines through to forward God's work! :)


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