Sunday, August 17, 2014

Down to the Wire!

It's one week until we speak in Sacrament meeting. The following week we'll be heading to Provo for the MTC! There are still a lot of temporal things to do to prepare, but much of that may have to wait. I am grateful that we have been able to get done as much as we have. We are pretty much ready to leave. Mentally we may have already departed.

I am looking forward to next Sunday. Not that I like to speak in Church, but that just brings us a week closer to leaving. It will also be my last opportunity to direct the ward choir. We had our last practice this morning. The Spirit was strong today. The choir is a great bunch of people whom I will greatly miss. We are singing Joseph Smith's First Pray to the tune of In Humility Our Savior in Sacrament meeting today. It is amazing how a change in melody can change the feeling of a song. This is really beautiful. Next week we're singing We'll Bring the World His Truth, along with our children and grandchildren. That is going to be awesome!

We can feel the Spirit guiding us everyday as we draw closer to our departure. We have been extremely blessed.

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