Thursday, August 7, 2014

Revised Itinerary

We received a call from our mission president this last night. He explained our new travel itinerary and our schedule for our first week in the mission.

The flight schedule is the same, but a day earlier on all flights and arrivals. So we leave on the 10th of September and arrive on the 12th. Our first week will be pretty busy. The following is a copy of what President Mains sent in an email after our conversation.

Dear Elder  and Sister Bodell,

Nice to visit with you on the phone.  We are excited to have you join us in the Singapore Mission.  Below is a brief outline of your first week in the field:

  • Friday Sept 12 arrive Changi Airport Singapore - greeted by Elder and Sister Boyter and President Stephen Lai, CES Director and Singapore Stake President.  (Sister Mains and I will be in Hong Kong for MP seminar.)
  • Saturday Sept 13 travel to Sibu East Malaysia - greeted by Elder and Sister Beus (you will move into their house and take over their car after they depart the mission field)
  • Tuesday Sept 16 - return to Singapore with E/S Beus for Senior Conference and Zone conference on 9/17-18.
  • Thursday Sept 18 - dinner with E/S Beus and the Mains. Stay at mission home with Pres. and Sister Mains, mission orientation (E/S Beus depart for home on Sept 19)
  • Friday Sept 19 travel back to Sibu to begin your assignment

Welcome to the Singapore Mission!

Kind regards,
President Mains
Singapore Mission

Apparently we will be living in Sibu, not Kuching. Not that it matters. It's nice to know more of what and where. Anyway, our first week is full, and we will be be doing more flying as we go back and forth to Sibu and back before settling in to begin our assignment.

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