Sunday, September 21, 2014

It's Sunday . . . A Confirmation and More

I mentioned yesterday that we were able to attend the baptism of a young girl. Her father was baptized not that long ago. He was able to baptize his daughter. It was a beautiful meeting in our chapel here in Sibu. This young lady was confirmed a member of the Church this morning in Sacrament meeting. I had the privilege of participating in that confirmation.

The missionary effort here is amazing. The members love the missionaries and do all they can to refer friends and help the Elders anyway they can. It's not like home where we had one pair of missionaries for the the stake. We have 10 Elders here in Sibu. That's four missionaries for each branch except the Chinese branch which only has one set of missionaries. But the missionaries are all in the same district. The Zone Leaders are also in our district. Actually, the two Malay speaking branches here also have one other set of missionaries . . . Us! There is also another senior couple in our district that works with the Chinese branch. Hopefully we'll see more of them. They also work with the Sibu Jaya branch which is several miles away from us.

We are beginning to get organized. The seminary program needs an infusion of enthusiasm. It's been non-existent for over a month now. We are going to start teaching next Saturday. I don't know if we'll have anyone there or not, but we're going to give it a shot.

Later tonight we'll be off to pick up the ZLs from their meeting somewhere out towards the jungle. We were there last Sunday, but I wasn't driving. It was also dark and raining. I hope we can find where we're going before it gets dark tonight. You have to have an address for the GPS to work very well.

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