Sunday, September 14, 2014

More Pictures from Our First Weekend

I thought I'd best post this this morning while it's still fresh in my mind. We actually went with Elder Beus to pick up the missionaries from an area quite a ways out. We ended up at the home of the newly-sustained branch president of Branch 1. He was sustained today. He's been a member of the Church for about nine months. He and his family will be going to the temple this December to be sealed.

I didn't have time last night to post a lot of pictures yesterday so I am up early to do so. (The sound of rain pounding on the roof at 3:30 this morning woke us up.)

 The Singapore Airport as we taxied in

 It may not look like much on the outside, but the inside of the airport is gorgeous.
This is one of the many features they have . . . a koi pond and orchid garden.

 Another view of the koi pond and orchid garden.

 Sister Bodell in her "traveling" clothes.

 This garden is absolutely beautiful!

 You have to look closely, but their is an arch over the pond, in front of a bridge.
Somewhere in the airport is a butterfly garden as well. We may get to see that on one of our trips back to Singapore.

 Sister Bodell with her new friends.

 Typical eating arrangement at the home of members.

This is a great family. The father was just sustained on Sunday as the new Branch President.

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