Wednesday, September 3, 2014

MTC - Day 3

Today was another great day. Our role-play went very well. As we were preparing this morning, we worked on the concept of prayer. Turns out that's what we needed to talk with our "investigator" about. Our lesson/discussion went smoothly. Our instructor, Elder Zundel, told us we had done very well. Our "investigator", who is actually a member of the Church was very nice. She is actually a convert. She told our instructor that she felt the spirit during our discussion. It reminder her of the first time the missionaries met with her. We felt very good about what we were able to do. It felt like a real discussion, not just a role-play. Tomorrow we do another role-play with a different scenario.

After our morning session we ate again in the main MTC campus cafeteria. Another good lunch, and bless me, they had BYU mint brownies for dessert. I'm happy. I don't need another one. We're really trying not to eat too much, but who can resist one of these beauties? Eat your heart out, Lindsey!

After lunch we had more class and took the familiar missionary pose by the world map.

We had good classes today. We are looking forward to our last role-play tomorrow. We finish up our Preach My Gospel lessons on Friday. The weekend is ours, and Monday thru Wednesday morning we have CES training. Wednesday evening we take flight from Salt Lake City to Singapore!

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