Sunday, November 2, 2014

Chinese Halloween . . . American Style

The Chinese Elders asked us if we would help the plan the Halloween Party for the Chinese Branch. Well, we did, and Sister Bodell ran with it. The members of the Chinese Branch that came enjoyed a fun evening. Sister Bodell created the decorations and fixed much of the food. Thank you to Sister Mills and the Chinese Elders who helped finish the decorating of the brownies, deviled eggs, and apples, and the other Elders for hanging the decorations. Music was provided by one the Chinese Elders' father who emailed the music to me which I played on my computer. I should tell you that prior to the members showing up, someone brought some wigs and masks to try on.

Elder S

Elder Mills

Elder J - one of our ZLs

Elder J, Elder Mills, Elder S, and Elder Bodell

Elder B

The menu consisted of chili, corn bread, and more. The Chinese Branch president and his wife provided noodles, sweet/sour pork, watermelon, and the drink.

Lips made from apples, peanut butter, and mini marshmallows

Brownies with spider-web icing

Witches Finger . . . pizza dough wrapped around Poky sticks. Some had sugar cookie dough.
Finger nails are sliced almonds.

Deviled Eggs with black olive spiders
I have to tell you that there is no corn meal to be had in Sibu. Sister Bodell had to "grind" unpopped popcorn to make corn meal. Fortunately we have an attachment to our blender that milled the popcorn to to perfect cornmeal!

We played several games. The Chinese Elders were in charge of those. While they were tying donuts to strings and broom handles, I introduced the group to "This is a Witch; This is a Ghost," more commonly know as "This is a Cat: This is a Dog." They thought it was hilarious. Next was the donut game, the aim of which was to see who could eat the donut the quickest.

The second set of players included the Mills, Sister Bodell, and me. Someone took pictures, but it wasn't me, and I don't have copies at the present time.

A good time was had by all.

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