Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just around the corner for the folks at home, and as we have our Thanksgiving dinner today with our zone, I thought I should share some of my grateful thoughts here.

I am grateful that we are able to serve our Father in Heaven here in Sibu on this mission. Living here is a different experience that makes you grateful for the little things at home such at running hot water and canned green beans.

I am grateful for our family and friends who support us in our decision to serve. I am grateful for the health and energy to serve. I am grateful for the other missionaries with whom we serve. Sibu may not a the tourist attraction, but the people are humble, teachable, and hunger to hear the word of God.

I am grateful to a loving Heavenly Father who wants all His children to return to live with Him. I am grateful for the Plan of Salvation. I am grateful for His Son, Jesus Christ, who suffered and gave His life for each of us and was resurrected that we may all rise from the dead. I am beginning to understand the Atonement more fully. I am grateful for the strength that understanding gives me.

I am grateful that I have a testimony that our Father and His Son live. They want us to be happy. I am grateful for the Prophet Joseph Smith and his example. I know that his prayer was answered, and he saw God, the Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ. I am grateful that I know that we have a living prophet today, even Thomas S. Monson.

I am grateful that we have the Book of Mormon. It is the word of God. I am grateful that I know how to read and that I can read from it every day.

It is a blessing for us to be serving. I am grateful for the technology we have today. It's so much easier to keep a journal, and to share our adventures with family and friends. We are grateful for your thoughts and prayers.

I share these thoughts in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

The missionaries should start arriving soon for dinner so I will close now and start taking some pictures. I was going to play Sunday's morning Tabernacle Choir Broadcast, but the wi-fi in our building is really "iffy", so that didn't happen. It's too bad, too, because it was a Thanksgiving special.

One of eight chickens prepared for dinner. Only three left over.

This was a real turkey! They're hard to find here and pretty pricey.

And dinner begins!

Turkey, chicken, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, two kinds of yams,  three kinds of pies
and a vegetable relish tray. And, of course, keeping with tradition, candy on the table.

Sister Bodell and Sister Tedrow in front. Not all the Elders had arrived when we started eating.

Elders S, L, J, V, W, & J

Sister Bodell, Elders G, B, S, Elder and Sister Mills

Elders J, W, J, C, Sister and Elder Tedrow, Elders S and W

Everyone ate well!

Everyone ate well and had plenty to eat. No one went away hungry.

Next on the agenda is to get packed and fly out tomorrow morning to Kuching for seminary graduation there. We fly back to Sibu Thursday morning, catch our breath, then take a three-hour drive to Mukah. At this point we will spend the night and come home Friday morning. In the meanwhile, I need to get a Temple Prep lesson ready for Sunday.

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