Thursday, January 1, 2015

'Twas the Week After Christmas

'Twas the week after Christmas and everything is still busy, but we're getting back into a routine. It's nice to be back into a "normal" flow.

Sunday I was able to finish lesson five of the Temple Prep class. I started it about three weeks ago, but between this, that, and the other, we've been unable to finish the lesson. I was a little nervous because it's been awhile since I had originally prepared. I wasn't as fluent in my Malay as I would have liked, but the missionaries were there to translate for me. I started with a review of the first four lessons and what I had covered of lesson five before. We had some non-members of the Church there, but that didn't stop the Spirit from taking over and giving the lesson. I was amazed how the Spirit took over and taught. It was one of the most spiritual Temple Prep lessons we've had. There was also good participation. I recognize this lesson as one of God's tender mercies for me. I was in need of a good spiritual uplift, and I received it.

Monday was Sister Bodell's birthday. We celebrated by giving our house a good cleaning. We haven't had the time to do so for several weeks. We even cleaned all the portable fans. They were getting a bit grungy. After the cleaning, we got cleaned up and went to dinner at The Ark. It's a restaurant that we've never been to, but wanting to try. It wasn't bad. The food was actually very good, but way too much. There was also the added protein of a rather large ant in the pineapple fried rice. We just moved it out of the way and kept eating! The rice was delicious. So was the sweet/sour pork and the fish and chips. The piece of fish was huge!

The restaurant contained a nice atrium with trees, other plants, and koi stocked ponds.
A very nice atmosphere!

The entry to the restaurant holds this horse made from tree bark.

After lunch we had to hurry back home for a "teacher training" meeting with the zone leaders. Actually, it was a ruse for Sister Bodell. The missionaries in our district were coming over to sing to Sister Bodell for her birthday. They were early! As we were driving up the street towards our place, I could see several of the missionaries riding their bike heading to our place. It all worked our. We followed them for a block where they turned down our street, got off their bikes, turned and faced the car, and started singing in the middle of the street. The expression on Sister Bodell's face was priceless! We invited them in for a drink, then they dispersed to their various contacts and meetings. It was beautiful and made Sister Bodell's day.

"Happy Birthday, Sister Bodell.
Happy Birthday to you!"

Sister Bodell and the Sibu District Elders
Ma and the her boys!
One of the zone leaders affectionately calls us Ma and Pa.

Tuesday was our weekly District meeting. I am very impressed with our new DL. He's given two trainings now, and he is going to be outstanding. He's not the same as Elder C, but he's every bit in tune with the Spirit as Elder C was. I look forward to his words of wisdom and council.

Sister Bodell made chocolate cookies with peppermint kisses on top. The young Elders appreciate her very much. After our meeting, and the cookies consumed, the young Elders went to lunch at KFC. We were going to, but there was nothing on the menu that interested us. I ended up with a peanut butter sandwich at home. It hit the spot. Sister Bodell had a croissant from the bakery.

Wednesday - Happy New Year! Let us wish you that before we go to sleep. We were going to help clean the chapel this morning, but it turns out the cleaning is tomorrow morning, We were told Wednesday, but they meant Thursday.

Another tender mercy today as we were out shopping for cleaning supplies for us. We decided to go out to Farley Corner to see what we could find. While there, we got a call from Elder L and Elder J asking if we could come and get them and their bikes to take them downtown (Bandar) to the bike shop. Elder L had a flat tire which needed more attention than just a tube. I asked them how soon they could be ready. Elder L said they were ready then. I told him that was great because we were just across the street from their apartment! I should explain that Farley Corner is not close to town, us, or where we normally shop, but it's where we needed to be today to pick up these Elders to help them. It makes me feel good to know that we were where we needed to be. Coincidence? I don't think so!

It was dinner and a movie before retiring. I'm getting a little leery of eating out, and I was getting tired of rice. So, for dinner Sister Bodell fixed chicken, rice, and veggies with a sweet/sour sauce. It was good, and I didn't even mind the rice! We watched a movie, studied for a bit, then went to sleep.

Happy New Year!

The new year arrived with a bang! We were sleeping peacefully until midnight when we were awakened by bangs, pops, and booms. It was quite exciting! Fireworks are not controlled here like they are in Utah. They set off big bottle rockets similar to those you see in firework shows on the 4th of July! The noises were so loud in our neighborhood that they set off car and house alarms! The noise continued for about six minutes and then all was quiet. Sleep came again until we woke up this morning at 6:30.

We were able to help clean the church this morning before going to Sister Daung's place for lunch to celebrate the new year. She had a lovely assortment of food that wasn't too spicy. After our meal, Elders T and B presented a short lesson from the Book of Mormon after Sister Bodell gave an opening prayer. I gave the closing prayer. Sister Bodell and Elder B wrote most of our for me so I wouldn't forget anything.

Elder B, Sis Bodell, Elder T, Sister Daung, Elder V, Elder W
Sister Daung's daughter and grandsons
Later, that evening, we went with Elders S & H to a discussion with Brother J and his wife. Brother J is a member and former branch president, but his wife is not a member. The lesson went a little longer than planned, but the Spirit the missionaries brought with them was strong. I could also sense their frustration with Sister J's reluctance to answer questions, but she did pray at the end of the discussion. We would really like to see her move forward, but it may not be the time right now. Brother J is such a strong member of the Church. He's looking forward to going to the Temple soon.

I think that should wrap it up for this week. Thank you to all our family and friends that sent us Christmas greetings. It's nice to know that someone is thinking about us. We appreciate your caring about us.

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