Monday, May 11, 2015

Exploring, Climbing, Zone Meeting, Mother's Day

This week is Zone Meeting so the Tedrows are here from Mukah. We spent Monday with them do some more exploring and going to dinner.

We spent most of Monday in "Explore" mode. We took the Tedrows to the long house with the skulls. Nearby are two places of interest. The first is a Malaysian cultural center. It's still in the construction stage, but will be quite nice when it's completed. Across the street from the cultural center is a beautiful park. It's built on hill with steps up to the top of the hill. There are many, many steps to climb to reach the top.

Sister Tedrow, Sister Mills, Sister Bodell

Classy Men's and Women's Restroom Signs

Suspension Bridge that does sway back and forth across the pond.

View from almost the top

Another view from almost the top

A Chinese cemetery on a hill. All the Chinese cemeteries we saw were on hills.
This is a view from the top of the hill.

Looking down from the hill

More Chinese Cemetery

Elder & Sister Tedrow and Sister Bodell starting the descent.
It's a long way down!

Almost to the bottom . . . a chance to rest

Entrance to the Park

Tuesday was Zone meeting. The ZLs did a great job likening our jobs as missionaries to a large corporation with Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ being the founders and CEOs. The IT man is, of course, the Holy Ghost. Then we talked about the other positions and how they relate to our callings as missionaries. It was well done.

The ZLs, with the help of the Tedrows and Mills, had taken pictures of members in the several church branches in the zone, thanking the missionaries for the job they're doing. Gawai is nearly upon us so the ZLs wanted the zone to know that the members love them. Missionary work is going to get a little sketchy until Gawai is over. I'm not sure what all Gawai entails, but many people, including members return home to their kompungs where much of their extended families live. There is much merriment, carousing, and drinking. We hope the members don't get involved with all that!

Here is the video that I helped the ZLs put together from the pictures and video that were taken.

We Love the Missionaries!

You have to love these missionaries! They are doing the Lord's work here in Sibu, East Malaysia. Yes, they can get a little silly at times, but they are great young men.

Saturday was moving day for the four Elders living in the Nuri house. All eight of the missionaries pitched in to help with the moving to the new house and the cleaning of the old. The Nuri house is now ready to close. We just need to get with the owner and take care of that. The Elders are very happy with their new place. It's clean. It's fairly new, too. The owner/landlady is wonderful to work with and speaks excellent English.

Sunday, of course, was normal with the addition of Mother's Day. The Branch 2 choir continues to grow. There was a cake cutting for the sisters in Branch 2 to celebrate Mother's Day. The primary in each branch, under the direction of Sister Bodell, sang the traditional Mother's Day songs during Sacrament meeting. 

We had two Elders arrange time to Skype with their families from our place. Since they were coming around dinner time, Sister Bodell fixed dinned for all eight of our missionaries. We had three Elders Skype Monday morning so Sister Bodell fixed them all breakfast.

It has been a pretty good week. Sunday was wonderful, too, even if it was busy. Here are pictures and video from Mother's Day at church.

The Relief Society sisters gathered to cut the cake

The cutting of the cake! I should mention the cake had lit candles on it!

The traditional serving of the cake. Sister Bodell was first!

Happy Mother's Day from Sibu!

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