Sunday, June 21, 2015

Kuching and More

This week has gone by really fast. I suppose it was because we were in Kuching for a few days. We were able to do a little shopping and touring besides providing training to the S&I teachers in Kuching.

We stayed with Elder and Sister Hammer while in Kuching this trip. They have a lovely penthouse apartment. Sister Bodell may have been a little envious. Of course, we get a little envious every time we go to Kuching. It's a bigger, cleaner city than Sibu.

The Hammers are Family History missionaries. They are serving a two-year mission. They had some Family History business at the church so we went with them. Several missionaries were there in a meeting. It was like a Sibu missionary reunion when they were done.

Only two of these missionaries haven't served in Sibu since we've been here.
Neither has Elder G, but his father is the branch president of Branch 1 in Sibu.
L to R: Elder C, Elder D, Elder M (in the back), Elder G (front and center), Elder B, and Elder L.
It was Elder G's mother's birthday the next day so we took this picture and emailed it to her.
I wish we had more time to get to know know Elders B and L better, but they will be returning to the States soon.
On Thursday evening we went to dinner with the Pryzbylas, Sliders, and Hammers to a wonderful restaurant called Chef at Home. Everyone was very happy with their meal. The Senior Couples in Kuching go there often

L to R: the Przbylas, Sliders, Sister Bodell, and the Hammers
We always like to go to Kuching for S&I training. The members there always make us feel welcome.  They are wonderfully warm people. The District President, President Sulai is a great man. Brother Govan and his wife, Helen, are amazing, with such strong testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They have endured a lot persecution, but they remain faithful. Kelvin is the only member of his family that is a member of the Church. His family was not happy when he joined the Church. He has served a mission and now teaches seminary, and serves as the District Executive Secretary and also a counselor in his branch presidency.

A few of the S&I teachers in Kuching. I'm sorry to say I don't know all of their names.
Those I know are Kelvin (short one in the center. He's standing next to President Sulai.
Brother Govan and his wife, Helen, are on the end.

The YSAs and Youth from the Kuching District were practicing for District Conference this weekend. We were invited in to listen to them. They were practicing several numbers. The arrangements were made my Kinzie, President Sulai's son.

Kuching is the Malay word for cat so there are many statues of cats throughout the city. Here are a few that we saw while we were there this time. There is also a cat museum, but we haven't been there yet. 

This cat is dressed in a traditional Gawai costume, including the hat!

We are not sure what the fascination with cats is Kuching, but it's fascinating to observe. All the souvenir shops have a potpourri of cats for sell . . . wooden, porcelain, small, big, singular, groups. You name it; you can probably get what you want somewhere!

Sunday evening we were able to go with the ZLs for their discussion and dinner with Sister Star and her family. They mostly taught her husband this evening because he hasn't been able to attend all the discussions. It was a little bit of "Catch up." This is such a great family. They are living the Word of Wisdom and attending church each week. They will be strong members of the Church and a great asset for the branch they will attend. I'm grateful that we have the opportunity to tag along with the missionaries. 

That's pretty much the week in review. Next week starts with Batman coming to our house on Monday morning.

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