Monday, October 12, 2015

Busy Week! Where Has It Gone?

This has been a pretty busy week. Well, maybe not that busy, but we made a trip to Bintulu for some S&I teacher training in Bintulu. We ended up eating out several times with the missionaries. And best of all, we've had General Conference.

We downloaded General Conference and watched it when we could during the week in the comfort of our home. We also watched most of it again at the church this weekend. Member attendance was somewhat disappointing. There were several who didn't come for whatever reasons. It's too bad because they missed out on an excellent Conference. It is always wonderful to listen to the messages of the General Authorities, especially President Monson. How blessed the world is to have a living prophet on the earth to help and guide us. I am so very grateful to have a testimony, to know that President Monson is a living prophet! There were so many good messages. Sister Bodell and I are going to work on ponderizing the scriptures.

Sister Bodell has selected Moses 7:18 to ponderize this week. I have selected Moses 1:39. What's yours?

We took a little trip to Bintulu for S&I training. We had the teachers prepare a short lesson to present to the rest of us. We then had a critique session that worked really well. The S&I teachers in Bintulu are awesome. We're going to miss them when it's time to come home.

I haven't written much because I'm a little behind. I need to get this done because one of my daughters told me that she and her family are going to start using the blog as part of their FHE.

I do have some pictures to share, though. Enjoy!

There's a great Indian restaurant in the Bandar. The food is delicious.
It can be both spicy and hot as shown by Elder S eating the traditional way with his fingers.

The district at the Indian restaurant.
Elders S, T, Dalin, Elders S, O, Y, and E

The same gang and place from the other end. Sister Bodell is in the middle.

Elders O and Y cleaning up after a pre-transfer meal for Elder Y.
We're going to miss him!

S&I Training in Bintulu

There's another good restaurant just up the street from the Indian restaurant.
This one is called Noodle House. It's Chinese in nature, but they serve some delicious western food, too.
Elders S, O, T, S, P, J, Sister Bodell, Elder Bodell
Elders P and J are new to the zone. We lost Elders Y and E.

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