Sunday, January 10, 2016

New DL, Scripture Reading, Special Holiday Offer, Chinese Wedding, a Family Baptism

Hello, and welcome to Elder LW! Our new district leader arrived late Saturday night. Elder LW is replacing Elder S who was transferred to JB. It's been a wild week since he arrived. We've had a couple of Elders that have had some sort of flu with achy, tired bodies. However, everyone is looking and feeling better now. Tuesday we were all able to eat together after district meeting.

Elder LW was looking forward to some Indian food, but the restaurant was closed when we got there so we opted for the Noodle House just around the corner. It was closed, too! This is nothing unusual here for restaurants to be closed during normal business hours. Anyway, we ended up at McDonald's.

Sister Bodell, Elders LW, A, R, M, T, and C
One of the best sites to see here in Sibu is on a Sunday morning, waiting for church to start. This young sister isn't even in YW yet, but here she is, reading her scriptures. This is dedication!
Reading her scriptures before church!

While we were at the doctors clinic with our under the weather Elders, we noticed this sign. There's more here for starting a new school year than just new clothes! What a great Holiday special! What a deal! That's about $375 in American money. It's also customary here, in the Iban culture, to have this procedure done when a young man turns 12.

The week ended with a bang (literally)!

Saturday started with a wedding in the Chinese Branch. It was pretty nice. It was simple short. Sister Bodell played the piano for the opening and closing songs. I "performed" the exchanging of vows. That's the "I do" part of the program. After the vows we sang the closing song and prayer. I was asked to give the closing prayer. 

As I was walking up to do so, I stepped on a loose carpet tile. It went one way, and I went the other. It's amazing what you think about in such a short period of time as you're flailing! I did fall with a bang, but I was able to stand quickly, gain my composure, and say the closing prayer.

Two quick but very important points: 1. I was not hurt (only embarrassed) but did make a BANG when I landed! 2. Most importantly, I really felt the Spirit as I gave the closing prayer. The words were given to me as I prayed. That was a very spiritual moment for me. I need to add here, too, that I have been blessed with great health, no mosquito bites, protected from bodily injury, and the Spirit when needed since we've been here. I cannot question the Lord's hand in my behalf.

Later in the day we attended the reception/luncheon for the Joyce and David. It was held in a large conference hall at the Kingwood Hotel, the largest hotel in Sibu. There were about 900 people in attendance. I was also asked to bless the food. How difficult can that be? Not to bad, except I kept picturing myself falling in front of 900 people! A little nervous to say the least, but all was well. 

Dinner was interesting, about 7 courses which were brought out and placed on the lazy-Susan of each table. I won't go into detail on each course except to say that it was all quite fancy and Chinese. Some were good; others not quite so much. There was duck, shrimp, vegetables, cake, black chicken (The chickens are actually black . . . not so appetizing, but we see them in the stores all the time.)

Here are some pictures of the car, the hall, and the LDS reserved tables.

The bride's and groom's car at the church
Reserved seating for the members of the Church
Backdrop at the reception 
The family table
Inside the hall
Inside the hall from another angle
Elders T and A with Sister Bodell
Elder M working on his black chicken
It was raining profusely when the party was over! 
The hotel is right on the river!

Saturday was also the baptism of Brother Philip, Sister Dawa, and their family. What a beautiful site to see such a strong family come into the Church. The branch here will be blessed by their addition.

Sister Dawa, Brother Philip, and their family

See you all next week, hopefully before life gets really crazy. Zone Conference, District Conference, Temple Trip . . . all coming up soon!

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