Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Answerless Questions

It's interesting to me how my mind wonders about this, that, and the other. As I'm doing something in the house or yard, my eyes will catch on something, and I think, Do I need to take that with me, or can I wait and buy it when we get there? Of course I can't answer those questions yet because I have no idea where we're going. I also think. Okay, with Josh and his family living here while we're gone, do I need to disconnect the phone, internet, etc., and let them deal with what they want? Will I have to reestablish service when we return? Those are the kinds of questions that are running through my mind on a daily basis.

I am trying to be patient. There is much to occupy my thoughts and time. We are going to SLC this weekend to clean out the house in which I attended high school and get it ready to sell. We have a charity organization coming Thursday afternoon to haul off the furniture and other leftovers from the estate sales. Then Sherrie and I will clean the carpets, etc. so it's ready to go.

If all goes well, we will meet with President Barney on Sunday and be good to wait for another four to six weeks for our call to arrive. Oh, the anticipation!

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