Sunday, May 18, 2014

Stake President Interview Today

We had our interview with the Stake President this morning . . . sort of. President Barney was ill so President Hansen interviewed us instead. This was fun because when Norm (President Hansen) was our bishop, he liked to tease us about going on a mission so it was appropriate for him to interview us. We've turned in our paperwork . . . physicals, dental forms, etc. President Hansen will report to President Barney who will then add his comments to the online form and hit submit. The submit button should be hit in the next day or two. We should be receiving our call in four to six weeks.

During our interview, President Hansen challenged and encouraged us to continue to improve each day in our scripture reading and studying, daily prayer, and especially listening to the Spirit and acting on the promptings given. All these things will help prepare us for our call to serve.

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