Friday, September 5, 2014

MTC - Day 5

This is likely to be a longer post than usual. We completed our training of Preach My Gospel today. It was bitter sweet. Today, for me, has been the most spiritual. We did have a role play this morning, but instead of meeting with investigators, we met with less-active members (played by other missionary couples) of the Church. It was a very moving experience. We felt an abundance of the Spirit. It seems odd, in a way, to have the Spirit help you teach in a role-play situation, but there was no doubt that we were blessed today with the Spirit. We learned much about working with other people this week and the importance of having the Spirit when we work with them. It has been a great experience.

A special thank you to the two young men that were our instructors this week . . . Brother Zundel in the mornings and Brother Mostart in the afternoons. Also a special thanks to the volunteers who come each week to act as investigators of the Church.

I must say that what a pleasure it was to work with the senior couples in our district. We named ourselves District 9 because we met in room 9 in the church building adjacent to the MTC. Here is a picture of District 9.

Sister Last, Sister White, Sister Andersen, Elder Andersen, Sister Jones,
Elder Jones, Brother Mostart, Sister Bodell, Elder Bodell

It has been a treat to work with these wonderful missionaries. We wish them well at they travel to Chicago, Washington D.C., and Scotland. 

Later this evening we went to dinner with some of the Baer cousins. It was the beginning of the Baer Cousin Reunions. There were only six of us there, but we had a good time. We had dinner at Milagos, a great Mexican restaurant, in Orem. Others were out of town or had family issues that needed to be dealt with. We will be home from our mission for the next Baer Cousin Reunion. We are looking forward to that. I'm so grateful that we are a family. A special thanks to those who were able to make it tonight.

Tony and Sherrie, Annette, Lise, Mike and Michelle

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