Saturday, October 11, 2014

#20, General Conference, and Other Stuff

It's been a fairly calm week. We did make it out to the jungle again with Elder C and his companion and had a good discussion with Jerry. We also visited Sister Daung and her family with them. These are some great people. I hope that they will make it to General Conference today at the church.

We also spent some more time with President Gara and his wife, helping them understand their callings and answering questions. Sister Bodell was trying to get a signal on her phone to use the internet, but with much difficulty. President Gara showed her the best place inside to find a signal.

There's a moral here. Can you see what direction her phone is aimed?
That reminds me of a talk given in Conference. Which direction are you facing?
We set up the A/V equipment for the showing of Conference yesterday. We were having issues with the thumb drives connecting properly. We finally got that all squared away. Elder C arrived and showed us a much simpler way. I wish he had been there a little earlier. It was so simple and no stress! We'll be going over to the church this morning about 9:15 to get set up for today's meetings. Today we have the Sunday morning and afternoon sessions as well as the Priesthood session. Sherrie is fixing spaghetti for the Elders to eat after the Priesthood session. We're also bringing sandwich makings for those who would prefer or not filled up on the spaghetti.

The Conference talks have been wonderful, as has the music. We particularly enjoy the Sunday afternoon music since Aaron was singing in the choir. Here's a picture. Can't find him? Here's a hint: He's wearing a pink tie.

Need another hint? Try the second row from the top, second one over, the one who's hair cut resembles mine.

The highlight of the week was the announcement of 20th grandchild, Pierson Atticus. He's a handsome little guy. He and his mother are doing well. We can hardly wait to get home to meet him in person. Thank goodness for technology! Here are some pictures of him.

Gus-Gus with his siblings

It's just great to have a brother!

Perfect in every way!

I hope Lindsey calls him Gus-Gus for a long time to come.
I like it!

We have been blessed with 20 beautiful, healthy grandchildren. We pray that they will grow up strong in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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