Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Zone Meeting

We attended our first zone meeting today, Tuesday, October 7. It was held at the chapel and conducted by our Zone Leaders. I sat in awe as I watched and listened to these two young men teach our zone about the importance of having the Spirit when they teach. It was a beautiful experience. And yes, they had the Spirit as they taught. I'm not much of a note taker, but I took two pages of notes today as they taught. I'm including my notes here so I don't forget what I learned and felt. Even though they are for my benefit, you're more than welcome to read through them, although they might not make sense to you.

After our meeting we went to KFC for lunch, then we drove the Sibu Jaya Elders over to the ZLs place. They're going on splits with the ZLs. One of the ZLs needed to go to Sibu Jaya to conduct some baptism interviews. We took the ZL and the other Elder to the bus station this afternoon. They'll be back tomorrow. It has been a great day. We've enjoyed the Spirit of it.

All of us of the Sibu Zone

Here are some of my notes from our Zone Meeting:

Have something effective to do every hour of every day.

Receiving the Spirit . . . 
     1. Be worthy. D&C 121:34-36, Control your thoughts. Remember to remember the Jesus Christ is your Savior.
     2. Know the Scriptures. D&C 11:21, Why is knowledge important? Preach My Gospel, pg 19 quote by Boyd K. Packer,
"True doctrines, understood, changes attitudes and behaviors. The study of  of doctrines of the Gospel will improve behaviors quicker than a study of behavior will improve behavior."
     Individual/Personal study - It's your appointment with the Lord. Approach with prayer, in proper dress, purpose, write in your study journal your thoughts, impressions, and revelations your receive during your personal study.
     3. Fast and Pray. Alma 17:2-3. Receive the spirit of prophecy and revelation. Teach with power and authority of God.

We want people to feel that we are disciples of Jesus Christ. You just can't say that you are disciple of Jesus Christ.

Preach My Gospel, pg 97 President Hinckley talks about recognizing the promptings of the Spirit. Read it again and again. Also read Moroni 7:13, 16-17.

How can we help investigators/less actives feel and recognize the Spirit?
     1. Teach in a spiritual environment. No distractions.
     2. Teach to their knowledge. Simple. Powerful.
     3. 30-45 minute lessons.
     4. Ask what they're feeling, if they feel the Spirit.

We need to love, show our love, to investigators and less-actives.

If we have the Spirit, those we teach will have it, too. They will feel it.

People change because of their faith in Jesus Christ.

"Pray always . . . lest ye be deceived." Luke 21

Reread Alma 33 and D&C 68:2-4

As I listened and was taught today, I thought how important these concepts are to teach seminary and institute. They apply to any teaching in a Gospel setting. Can you imagine a Gospel Doctrine teacher stopping in the middle of a lesson and asking if the class can feel the Spirit? I love that thought! It's something I will help the seminary and institute teachers understand as we work with them.

I love the Gospel. I love my Heavenly Father. I love my Savior. This is Their work. I'm grateful that we have this opportunity to serve them.

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