Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Blessings Await You in Doing What's Right!

Sunday was a very good day,  for the most part. Sister Bodell helped the Primary leaders. She had taught them their responsibilities and how to conduct Primary and Sharing Time. They did a pretty good job. The kids, on the other hand, were unruly. There are a couple that need extra attention. Yes, I'm trying to be positive about that.

It was great blessing to see the Merang family confirmed members of the Church today. They are so strong! It will be great to see the mother baptized next Saturday. It will be great to see them go to the Temple next year. I hope we are able to see that happen.

I had my first opportunity to really teach. I've been asked to teach the Temple Prep class in the 1st Branch. I knew I wouldn't get through the lesson. I did quit about half-way through. There was a lot of material and scriptures to go through, all of which is important. I thought it best not to overwhelm the class or myself. The lesson went well. Elder J translated into Iban and Malayfor me. Most of the members speak Iban and some Malay. I learned a few Malay words today while teaching. The one I need to remember is ayat. That's Malay for verse. Bab is the Malay word for chapter.

While teaching, we got a text from Elder C asking if I could give the Branch 2 president a blessing. President B requested that I give him a blessing. Another humbling experience for me. I was able to finishing teaching, then found Elders C and B. We found President B in his office and were able to give him a blessing of health and comfort. Afterward he told us that his wife is in the hospital. Elders C and B were going to give her a blessing later today, but the Branch President told it wasn't necessary today.

Tonight we attended the District Youth Council Committee meeting. The other senior couple is in charge. I had my assignment's first draft done. It's the Youth Activity Parent Permission and Medical Release form Youth Conference in December. I'm using the Church's form, but I have to redo it in Malay. So I'm building the form, and the Elders are translating for me. I've got the form built. I need to add the words and readjust the form so the words fit the way they should. I've got two weeks to finish it. We had two representatives from each branch at our meeting last night. It went well. I'm glad Elder Mills gets to take charge.

Ah, the blessings of Monday morning! It's P-Day! The washing machine is going. I've repaired a bicycle tire pump, and burning the second of six DVDs of General Conference in Mandarin for the Chinese Elders to give to a less-active member who has no transport to Church on Sundays. I think I mentioned her once before. It's a day to get stuff done, and there's no rush this morning.

Another blessing of Monday morning is that I can play yesterday's Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcast from the Internet via our Apple TV to the TV. The live broadcast is live at 11:30 PM our time Sunday night. No way I'm staying up that late. Thank goodness for BYUtv. They rebroadcast it all day Sunday, US time, so we can watch it here Monday morning. Thank goodness for technology!

Monday night Sister Bodell fixed a semi-new dish. We have the Lion House recipe for yam or sweet potato casserole that's perfect for Thanksgiving. We've discovered a purple yam or sweet potato here that is better than the orange ones at home. They have a much better flavor, not as strong. I may have mentioned that earlier. Anyway, Sister Bodell made the casserole tonight with the purple sweet potatoes and apples. It was so good. I had to take a picture of it.

Purple Sweet Potato and Apple Casserole.
It was like eating dessert!
In the evening we went to Brother Gaadong's place for FHE with Elders C&B. I had re-instilled in me the fact that the Elders can give great directions on how to get to Heaven, but getting to someone's house is entirely different. These poor Elders were given directions by another Elder on how to get to Brother G's place. We weren't entirely lost, but we were on the wrong road for a very long time. We were probably traveling in the wilderness for over an hour! The Elders called Bro. G three times on the phone to get directions. He doesn't have an address. We did finally manage to get there and eat dinner with them. They had waited for us. We didn't know were going to have dinner. I was expecting refreshments after FHE, but it was a full meal!

Dinner included chicken curry with potatoes, fried chicken wings, rice, honey dew melon, and oranges. It was all excellent! Bagus! Brother G ask that I bless the food and his family, which I did, mostly in Malay. We were too late to give a lesson, but as we talked there were things that came up that are difficult to explain in a blog. Suffice it to say that Brother G's wife was having some spiritual issues.

She has had a difficult time of late with the passing of her father-in-law and a witch doctor. She asked that I ask the Lord to bless her, her family, and her home. As we knelt in prayer, I was impressed to cast the evil spirits out of their home, and do so by the power of the Priesthood. It was a blessing for me to have that inspiration do so.

It was an interesting evening to say the least. Our FHE turned into a faith promoting experience. We were quite late getting home, but the Spirit of the Lord was there in that home. I'm grateful that were able to go this evening.

I am getting this caught up Tuesday night. I don't want to make this too long to read. Who knows what else will happen this week? I am grateful for the blessings we have received being here in Sibu. It isn't always easy, but we know this is where we need to be at this time.

Just a quick note as I'm finishing this there was the sound of what sounded like gun shots. Not to worry! Only fireworks! This seems to be a frequent occurrence here. I have no idea for the reason why.

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