Thursday, October 23, 2014

More Blessings and Burgled!

It's late Wednesday evening as I start this blog. Late nights are becoming a habit this week. I hope this is the last one, though.

This morning we met with Micah, our language tutor via Skype. It was a great lesson, and he is so patient with us. He helped me get ready for my teaching opportunity for later this evening.

Tonight started with a piano lesson with Merang's daughters. Whilst Sister Bodell was teaching piano, I was teaching the two younger daughters a short lesson about Christ's visit to the Nephites, particularly how he blessed the little children. I had a very short script written out in Malay that Micah had helped me clean up. Teaching these two is a blessing for me because it helps me develop my Malay vocabulary. It worked out well.

While we were at Merang's, I got a text from one our ZLs needing a topical ointment. After our meeting we stopped at the Delta Mall to see what we could find before going out to Rantau Panjang to pick up the ZL and one of the APs. They were on exchanges this evening. As we were visiting in the parking lot with Elder S, Elder H, and President Gara and his family, I got a phone call from one of the other Elder in the district. He sounded terrible.

Elder D and his companion had been out teaching a family that is investigating the Church. There was some conversation, mostly in Iban, which Elder D didn't catch, but his companion, Elder J, did. Someone wanted a blessing, but the Spirit wasn't quite right. To make a long story short, Elder D gave the blessing, but almost immediately afterward began to feel strange. He couldn't focus his thoughts; the hair on his arms was standing up; just a general physical and spiritual disorder. He needed a blessing.

I told the the ZL and AP that we needed to go now and quickly. I rather abruptly explained that I would tell them in the car, but we needed to go now. Off we went, with Elder S giving Sister Bodell directions how to get to Elders D's & J's apartment. Elder D looked like he sounded on the phone. He was not in good shape. He asked Elder S to anoint and me to seal and bless. This has been humbling this week. Two blessings and both dealing with evil spirits. After the blessing, Elder D looked and sounded much better. I am grateful for these opportunities, but they're a little scary. I am grateful to know that the Priesthood has power over the evil spirits. I know I was given the word to say as I pronounced a blessing on Elder D, just as I was given the words when I gave Brother Gaadong's wife a blessing. I would not presume to do so without the Holy Ghost guiding me.

Tomorrow is Thursday. I wonder what adventures await us.

Thursday was a fairly quiet day. No major adventures. We did go out to the jungle with the Elders to see Jerry in the evening. He was late because he had to work overtime so it was just a short visit.  It seems, though, that Jerry has had a change of heart. He seemed more receptive and sincere tonight.

Friday started off with some excitement. We were visiting with our granddaughter on FaceTime when we heard a crashing noise downstairs. We didn't go down immediately, not sure why, other than something that said "Not now."

When we finally made it downstairs we discovered that the front sliding glass doors had been jimmied open, the sliding grill door behind them had been lifted off, and several rooms had been ransacked. Cupboard doors, desk drawers, and scriptures cases had been opened. There was stuff from the drawers and cases on the floor. 

Drawers open, stuff strewn on the floor! 
Cupboard doors opened! 
Even my scriptures were opened and tossed!
We discovered, too, that whoever the burglars were, lifted the motorized gate its teeth off its gears so that it could just be slid open. They did leave one calling card . . . they left the rusty wire cutters on the couch. They were used to cut through the bicycle loch that was originally wrapped around the grill doors. It was definitely a moment to remember.

Very rusty wire cutters where we found them!
This bicycle lock was cut through!
We weren't sure whom to call, but we ended up calling the District President. He came over, helped us sort things out, then took us to a hardware store to by stronger padlocks and a chain to wrap around the grill doors.

The bicycle lock replacement chain and new padlock!
We've cut some broom handles to fit inside the sliding grill doors as well. They're not going anywhere unless someone rips them off.

We lost the Apple TV we just bought, a large container (10 gallon, maybe) of propane, and an electric drill that we know of at this point. They didn't take our passports or other important papers. Nor did they take our laptops which were sitting out this morning. I do know why we didn't go downstairs when we heard the noise. We were very blessed, indeed. It could have been much worse, much worse!

Yes, living in Sibu, East Malaysia is definitely an adventure!

On a more positive note, we are going with the Chinese Elders on a visit this afternoon.

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  1. Wow! Glad you are safe. Hope your coming week is less exciting.


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