Sunday, October 5, 2014

More about Critters, Eating, General Conference, and Branch 1

I had to start this post this morning (Saturday) while thoughts are fresh in my mind. Last night we had a huge beetle of some sort in the upstairs bathroom. After chasing it around the bathroom, trying not to step on it, and spraying it with bug killer, it finally laid over on its back. With its legs still moving, I managed to get it into a trap and removed it to the outside of the house. It was rather comical to see us hopping about in the bathroom trying to catch the thing!

The gardner was here this morning, trimming the grass and removing dead foliage to a dumping area down the street. After he'd been here awhile, he started pounding on the door. I opened the door, and he yelled, "Snake! Snake!' I was dancing around the driveway! He then showed me where the snake had been, and the direction in which it slithered. He kept saying, "Snake" and gesturing its slithering pattern. It was close to the diameter and length of a broom handle! I never did get a glimpse of it. It slithered off into the neighbor's yard. I hope it stays there!

In the meantime, I also had a call from the DL who got a tire puncture last night while coming home from a discussion. We've got to get that fixed today. Sometime after lunch with the Elders. More about lunch later, after we eat with them.

I also got a call from Elder Mills. He wanted to let us know that they had had their house sprayed for insects. The company sprayed their fence line, around the house, and inside their home. All for 175R. That's about $60. That's not bad. I told Sister Bodell about it and got an emphatic, "Yes! Do it!" She needs to call Sister Mills to get the number. This company is the same that sprays the church. We'll have to get one the missionaries to call and set up an appointment for us.

Good news and bad news: Sister Bodell and I were both prepared for our lessons today, piano and seminary. That's the good news. The bad news was no one showed up for piano lessons or seminary today. They don't like to go out in the rain, and let me tell you, it really poured today for hours! There's always next week, but it will be the broadcast of General Conference in our building. That's another story already, but it will keep until then.

The other good news is that before seminary and piano lessons, the Elders here had invited us to eat out with them at a little outside food court called Chop Sticks. The food was really pretty good, and we didn't get sick. Here's a picture of my roasted chicken, rice, spicy sauce of some kind, cucumbers, and chicken foot soup. Yes, that's a real chicken foot in the soup. You can purchase them in most groceries stores. We also had a fried dough item called roti stuffed with corned beef and served with a curry sauce.

Eating out is always an adventure. We also found a place that serves crepes Asian style. Sister Bodell had one with salami and tuna; mine was chicken and mushroom. They were both very good. We need to go back and try their dessert crepes.

Today was Fast Sunday for us. We will receive flash drives this week with General Conference translated into various languages. The district president is having them delivered to us. We will be responsible for getting thing set up next weekend so the members here can view conference.

We caught some of conference on the Internet today before and after our church meetings. We caught all of the Saturday afternoon session because we wanted to see Aaron sing in the choir. The choir was wonderful and the talks were great. We saw the first half of the first session and part of the Priesthood session. The missionary choir at the Priesthood session was powerful, moving us both to tears. We'll have to download that music to listen to again.

We also went out to President Gara's home this evening to help him. He's a newly called Branch President. He and his family have only been members of the Church for about 10 months. He was called as a counselor in the Branch Presidency after about four months of membership. He and his family have strong testimonies and are planning on going to the temple the end of December. It would be nice if we can go with them.

During our last district meeting, one of the zone leaders asked, challenged us to get involved more with our branch presidencies. This evening's visit with President Gara and his wife helped them a great deal. I was helping President Gara with some ideas about strengthening the branch, and Sister Bodell was discussing ideas with his wife about Primary. They appreciated our help and our ideas.

Sibu is taking off and growing. The missionaries have quite a number of baptisms planned for this month, including a family with six children. It is exciting to see these missionaries in action. I want to package them all up and bring them back to Ivins. They are so awesome, especially for such young kids! We love them all. We wish you could feel of their spirit.

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