Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Teaching, Youth Conference Committee Meeting, Locked Out!

Today is the beginning of a new week. Even though Sundays are full, I do enjoy them. They are peaceful!

We started the day with Branch 1's Sacrament meeting. I was sitting in the congregation. Sister Bodell was sitting at the organ and on the stand during the meeting. One of our missionaries was sitting next to me and translating, while another translated for Sister Bodell. Elder S, a ZL and the missionary translating for Sister Bodell got quite the surprise when it was announced that he would be the first speaker! The expression on his face was priceless, but his talk was excellent. He did a great extemporaneous job. I got the feeling that the branch president would be doing more of this, even possibly asking the senior missionary couple to speak. We'd better get prepared.

It was my opportunity and privilege to teach the second half of the lesson I started last week in the Temple Prep class.  Last week's lesson was okay, but this one was better. It seemed to flow better.  I don't know. What I do know is that the Spirit was there. That's what matters the most. Hopefully these people are understanding and learning. The missionaries translate for me.

We have one more meeting this afternoon. That would be Youth Conference council meeting. The plans are moving along nicely. Thanks to the missionaries, I have the parent permission and medical form ready to present tonight. I imagine we'll pin down the program tonight.

The youth committee meeting went very well. I put my two cents worth in when they were asking for suggested activities. I suggested music directing for two reasons . . . 1), Sister Mills had suggested it, but her husband wasn't too thrilled about it; 2) I thought blow darts could be an interesting activity. You should have seen the kids light up when I suggested that! After the voting was done by the committee (The senior couples couldn't vote . . . only there to help organize.) music directing and blow darts are on the agenda. I will be teaching the directing workshop. The kids seemed to be excited about that.

Monday was a quiet day; clean house, print inserts for the new member Books of Remembrance, prepare for the lessons we're giving this week, and oh, yes, climb the fence to the house because we couldn't get the lock unlocked.

As you know, we've got locks all over the place now since our little adventure this week. The lock we put on the driveway gate wouldn't unlock. We tried both our keys and sprayed it with something like WD-40, but to no avail. We attempted from both sides of the gates (after I climbed over . . . didn't take a picture then, but later we reenacted the climb for posterity.)

Up, up, and away!

Not bad for a senior missioanry, eh?

No fence sitting! Keep moving!

About this time our neighbor across the street came out to see what was going on.
We had a nice visit with him. He's very nice!

Alright, I'm inside. Now what?

What to do? There was only one thing left to do . . . PRAY! So I did. I sprayed the lock one more time on every hole there was. It popped open easily. Coincidence, you say? I think not! We have been so very blessed.

I know that God does hear and answer our prayers, even for something as simple as a stuck lock.

Next, the Chinese missionaries stopped over to discuss plans for the Chinese Branch's Halloween Party this week.

Tuesday morning we picked up the ZLs and took them to the church for district meeting. We picked them up because we needed to take them to the bus terminal afterward so they could go to Mukah for a baptismal interview. (It's a three-hour, bumpy ride from here to there.) We'll pick them up tomorrow when they get back.

District meeting was wonderful. Elder C amazes me with his wealth of knowledge and his analogies that he's learned in his young years. Today's training was on finding ways to overcome the "downer" feelings. He compared life to living in the ocean (Babylon). What pulls us down? What can we do to get back up to the top where the warmth of the sun (Son) is? Great discussion. Great illustrations drawn on the white board! Good learning lesson! Elder C is a great teacher.

After district meeting we had snickerdoodles that Sister Bodell had made. There were none left, as usual. Then we went to a small Chinese noodle café. We all had the same thing . . . So ko mien. Yummy! Yes, we ate with chopsticks. They don't bring other utensils to the table except for what resembles a spoon. Here is a of video from lunch today.

In order of appearance we have Elder J, Elder S, Elder B, and Elder S. We have a lot of fun with these guys. I was going to edit the second video, but decided to leave it all in. Elder S took it with my iPhone. This will help remind us of him.

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