Monday, July 13, 2015

Kuala Lumpur and District Conference

We left zone meeting early on Tuesday to catch our flight to Kuala Lumpur (KL). The reason for this trip was for a root canal on Wednesday. How fun can this be? The trip was very worthwhile.

We stayed with another the senior couple, the Hadleys, in their beautiful 25th floor apartment. The Hadleys are Public Affairs missionaries. They are involved with many different public affairs events throughout the mission. This week was no exception. We were privileged to attend a David Glen Hatch concert Tuesday evening, after having dinner with the Hadleys and our President and Sister Simmons, the new mission president and his wife (Wonderful people!).

The concert included Dr. Hatch and five of his protégés. What talent they all have, especially when some of them have only been playing for four years! I didn't take any video of the concert. I wish I had. It was fantastic! The next night we attended a fireside with Dr. Hatch and his protéges. This was held in the KL chapel. The fireside was just as exciting as the concert. It was definitely more spiritual as the piano numbers were intertwined with spiritual thoughts. A truly memorable evening.

This is the KL Chapel. Someone told us that it was once the Spanish Embassy
offices in KL. That would explain the architecture.

This cute little family wanted to have their picture taken with us. They are members of the Church who were there for the concert.

The daughter in the middle on the front row just had to have a photo of us with the family.

I need to back up and talk about the root canal for a brief moment. I was really quite nervous about having this done, but it all went smoothly and there was no pain whatsoever. I was truly blessed. I had the root canal done on Wednesday, the day of the fireside. I was picturing myself lying in a bed with pain killers. Neither! Plenty of energy and no pain!

This is Dr. Mong and staff. I told him I'd like to take him back to Utah with us.
No pain whatsoever! He did an excellent job!

Right next door to the dentist's office was a wonderful little restaurant called SOULed OUT. They make the best kiwi smoothie! That's what I had for lunch following the root canal.

We'll go here again if we ever make it back to KL.
Here are some more sights from our brief stay in KL . . .

Floral offerings for the Chinese gods. There was an entire block where these were made and sold.
The block smelled heavenly!

A fabric shop where saris are made to order. Sister Bodell did have one made.
You may have to wait until we get home to see it.

The National Textile Museum

Sister Bodell with a group of mostly women in traditional costumes

Elder Bodell with men and women in traditional costume

Petaling Street - an open air street market

Kuala Lumpur Skyline with colored fountains

The Twin Towers (Petronis) Towers of KL

The Pink Mosque

The dome inside the Pink Mosque

Sister Bodell and Sister Hadley inside the Pink Mosque

Women had to be covered modestly to enter the mosque, hence the robes.
Putra means "son".)

Governmental Building

The same governmental building and the Pink Mosque

Preview of light and water show

Clip from light and water show with music

As you can see, there is lots to see and do in KL. It is the capital of Malaysia. There a lot more photos on my computer. What do I do with all of them?

The weekend was something we will never forget! We had District Conference with a member of the First Quorum of Seventy, Elder Wong, Area Seventy, Elder Kuan, and our new mission president and his wife, President and Sister Simmons.We had the privilege of driving them to and from their hotel for conference sessions and visiting a couple of member families with Elder Wong and President and Sister Simmons.

Elder Wong is a delight to be with! He radiates the Spirit of God and has a tremendous sense of humor as well. He is a master teacher as demonstrated in District Conference. Just to be in his presence was special.

While we were visiting President Gara and his family, Elder Wong, prompted by the Spirit, promised President Gara that if he would remain faithful to the Gospel and keep the covenants he makes in the Temple that his family would never be in want. This was quite a promise as President Gara is out of work at this time. Truly inspired! The Spirit was wonderful!

Augustine, Hendry Moss, Willington, Brayun, Olivia
Monica, Sister Mina, Sister Simmons, Elder Bodell, Sister Bodell
Elder Wong, President Gara, President Chua (District President), President Simmons
There were two sessions of District Conference on Saturday. The 4:00 PM session was for Branch Councils. The second at 7:00 PM was the usual adult session. I directed a combined Sibu Branch 2 and Sibu Jaya Branch choir. Elder Wong was very pleased with the choir, as was President Chua. After the Saturday evening session, as we were heading back to the hotel, Elder Wong offered to get ice cream if we could find a place. It was 9:30. Most places were closed, but we found the McDonald's soft serve ice cream at the Wisma Sayan Mall still open.

President and Sister Simmons, Sister and Elder Bodell, Elder Wong, Elder Kuan

The usual general session of conference was held Sunday morning at 10:00 AM. I directed the Branch 2 choir in three numbers. Here is a brief clip of our prelude number. Sister Simmons graciously offered to video our warm up.

After the Sunday session, Elders Wong and Kuan had to catch a plane and President Simmons had interviews to conduct. After everything settled down, President and Sister Simmons, Elder and Sister Mills, and the APs joined us at our house for a home cooked meal prepared by Sister Bodell. President Simmons and the APs worked on transfers for the coming week . . . always heart-wrenching for us. This week is no exception, but that's next week's blog. I will wait until then to report on transfers.

Sister Bodell, Sister Simmons, Sister Mills
Elder Bodell, President Simmons, Elder Mills

I am grateful for this weekend. It has been spiritually rewarding. I am grateful that I have a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know it is taught in its fulness in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know that we have a living prophet to guide us today. I know he receives revelation from Christ to lead His Church. This weekend has strengthened my testimony.

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