Sunday, July 19, 2015

Transfers and a Road Trip

This week has been a bit of a let down compared to last week. There was so much to report last week with our trip to KL and our outstanding District Conference. This week started with a big let down. It was hard, even though we knew it was coming.

Transfers! They can be such hard time! The missionary force is downsizing. The influx from the age change has died down so there are now fewer missionaries coming into the field. We're down another set of Elders in Sibu and another in Sibu Jaya. This week we had to say good-bye to Elders Chang, Horsburgh, Mix, Clark, and Oldham. We wish them well in their new areas, but they will be missed. The branches had a party Tuesday evening to say good-bye to them. They each had to share their testimonies. Afterward there was a dinner provided by the members.

Wednesday was the big moving day. We made three trips to the airport to either drop off or pick up new Elders. Our new Elders are Elders Eggertsen and Stenquist.

Thursday we drove to Miri with a Toyota Altius (sedan) and returned Friday with a Toyota Innova (van). It's a long, six-hour drive one way. We had an Altius before we got our Innova. My legs prefer the Innova. When we arrived at the hotel in Miri I could barely walk! It was not fun! I had to walk around the car several times to loosen up my right knee while Sister Bodell was checking us into the hotel. Yes, the gas mileage is much better than the Innova, but my knees prefer the Innova.

We didn't get to see much in Miri while we were there. It was just up and back. We did get to a store call Ta Kiong. It's much larger than the one we have here in Sibu (No surprise there!) Sister Bodell was able to stock up on some much wanted supplies. Ta Kiong is known for its imported foods. It's nice to have a little taste of home now and then.

We were both tired when we returned Friday evening. We thought we'd be ready to go for Saturday, but our energy didn't return until Sunday morning. We both felt much better and had more energy. Life is good, and we are back to normal.

I'm sorry there are no pictures to post this week. It's just been one of those busy weeks such that that hasn't happened. Maybe next week will be more picturesque.

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