Sunday, December 6, 2015

It's Official! Busy Week, Eating Out, Flooding, More Food, and Help Needed

It's official! We have received our flight itinerary for our trip home. We leave Singapore on March 1st, and arrive in Salt Lake City on March 1st. We'll spend the night in SLC with family and fly to St. George on March 2nd. We will speak in Sacrament meeting on Sunday, March 12th at 11:00 AM. There will be more information about that later.

Enough of that! There is still plenty going on here until then.

It has been a very busy week getting prepared for Youth Conference next week. The good news is the the seminary council has pretty much organized it all on their own. We've done most of the acquisition of materials for the activities, but they've organized the workshops and games. I'm way impressed by what they've done. Youth Conference is this coming Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and will be held at the Sibu Chapel.

So, what else has been happening this week? We had our first tasted of Durian. It's a common fruit here that you either like or dislike. I was hoping to be in the like category, but I'm not. Sister Bodell liked it better than I did, but still not overly enthused about it. Elder S bought shared some at district meeting this week. It has a very peculiar smell and is frequently banned on public transport and in hotels.

Elder S with a durian . . .
You eat the pods inside.
A favorite place to eat in Sibu
Happiness is eating at Café Café.
The rainy season is upon us again. This is nice because it's definitely cooler when it rains. In case you're wondering, the Malay word for rain is hujan. We love the rain, but some of the streets get flooded with water. Here are a couple of views. Thank goodness we have the van now instead of the sedan.

We just fold up the wheels and go for it!

I hope you noticed the fan shaped palm at the end of the video 
on the right side of the street. There are several throughout the city.
I find them fascinating.
Did you notice the barricade in the street? 
It surrounds a very large pot hole!

I love the ferns growing in the trees.
The ferns add a lot of character to the trees.
Loved this cloud, just after one of the thunderstorms.
Another good place to eat is this kadai. The Elders call it Momma's Noodles.
This isn't on the menu, but the Elders know how to order, and it is very good.
The drink is a passion fruit ice blended from Wiki Tea which is just next door
to Momma's Noodles. It, too, is sedap.

I am really enjoying the Christmas decorations this year. There are a lot of "western" traditions that are part of the Christmas culture here. Gingerbread is no exception. Not many of the locals bake gingerbread, but it's in the store decorations, along with snowmen and Santa Claus. Snowmen in Malaysia? Only in the malls!

I would like to have had someone sticking the heads through the holes,
but no one was around.
One of the restaurants here makes gingerbread houses and other goodies.
A lot happened Sunday as usual. In addition to choir practice with Branch Satu (One), I had the opportunity to give a blessing to a brother who is having health issues. He and his wife both requested that I give the blessing. That was a humbling experience. I was also able to help Brother Gaadong with tithing and solve a problem with a budget submission. I'm glad I got the email on that issue. It was pretty easy to solve.

I will close with one more food picture. Branch Satu frequently breaks their fast together as a branch on Sunday evening. They begin with a hymn, prayer, and short talk. There was a pretty good group there this evening.

Typical Branch 2 Fast Sunday gathering to break their fast 
Is this little guy handsome or what?
Brother Steven and the newest addition to the family
Tomorrow is the beginning of our three-day youth conference, then a special mini-zone conference on Thursday. The Branch Dua (Two) Christmas party is Saturday and a baptismal service, too. I hope I can keep up.

Just a couple of quick notes on which to end.

First: If you haven't sent the missionaries a Christmas card yet, get it done tomorrow! They would love to hear from you. You may have to get their email address from their family.

Second: If you, or another senior couple you know is ready for a mission, kindly suggest they submit their papers now for the Singapore Mission. The number of senior couples in our mission has dropped with several couples going home and no replacements coming. It is a sad situation. They are badly needed to help strengthen the branches here in East Malaysia. Please consider it!

May you feel our Savior's love as you prepare for the celebration of His birth.

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  1. Wow! I can't believe you can drive in that rain! I understand that Durian is the most "stinky feet" smelling fruit. I also can't believe that you are going home so went by really fast for me. Guess we won't be coming to hear your report.


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