Saturday, December 12, 2015

Youth Conference, Mini-Zone Christmas Conference, Baptisms

Wow! This week has been full. It started with the Sibu District Youth Conference . . . three days of activities and workshops planned and executed by a well-organized seminary council and youth leaders. It's been a blessing to be able to step back and watch them in action. The only thing we really helped with in the end is shopping for supplies, helping with meals, and other little odd, last minute things that needed to be done. I am so impressed with the youth who planned this and their youth leaders, especially Jackson, who helped carry out the plans. The youth leaders taught the workshops on missionary work, reverence, temples and eternal marriage, and reverence. Our good friend Rolyn (17 years of age and waiting for his mission call) taught the boys section on chastity.

It was a great youth conference. I am presently working on a video with all the pictures that Rolyn and I took. I hope to post it to YouTube if it's not too large. I will provide a link when that is finished.

The Sibu District Youth

More fun!

The youth and leaders, including President and Sister Simmons, in their Sunday Best

Still more fun!

A few pictures taken during the mini-zone Christmas conference.

President Simmons (Mission President), President Chua (District President),
Elder and Sister Harrison

Elder and Sister Mills, Sister Chua, Sister Simmons

The Sibu Zone

The ZLs, Elders R &S, and the APs, Elders S & P

They enjoyed a great dinner of baked Ziti, green salad, garlic bread,
and brownies with ice cream and crushed peppermint candies,
all prepared by Sister Bodell
Saturday was a special day. The Branch One Elders had three baptisms. It was neat to see Brother Kayong baptize his two daughters. Brother Kayong and his wife were baptized just a couple of weeks ago. Brother Kayong received the Aaronic Priesthood last week and was ordained to the office of Priest making it possible for him to baptize his daughters. This is the way it should be. It was beautiful.

Jennyfer and Anna Beatriz anak Kayong

Brother Kayong and his family
The other baptism was a young man named Tony. He's got a great spirit and is always happy. He attended Youth Conference this past week. He was surprised with everyone singing Happy Birthday to him during conference. What a support group he has. There was an outpouring of love for him.

Tony anak Puso

Tony with his sister and mother

Everyone with Elders M and S

It's been a great week . . . very busy, but well-worth it. The gospel is true. It's awesome to see the youth in action here, and to see the Church growing with new members.

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