Tuesday, September 9, 2014

MTC - Day 6

Today we began our CES (Church Educational System) training. The trainers are excellent! The class day is shorter than PMG training, but it's pretty much just as intense. We were taught how to prepare a lesson plan by using these steps:

1. Divide the lesson into groups or segments of scripture verses.
2. Write a summary sentence for each group or segment.
3. Write a one line sentence defining the doctrine or principle in each group.
4. Place the groups in order of how much emphasis should be spent on each group.

Tomorrow's lessons will build on what we did today.

Later we were able to visit with Aaron's family. They drove into Salt Lake City where they took us to dinner at the Blue Lemon, a fun little place in the City Creek Mall.  After dinner we drove out to Amanda's place in Heeriman. We have been able to visit all of out children up here since we've been at the MTC. This will  be the last we see family (except for Aaron who will be driving us to the airport on Wednesday) for 18 months. Thank goodness for FaceTime, Skype, and email!

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